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  • I’m not sure I completely understand.

    Is the true/false field displayed on the ninja forms post type for each submission?

    If that is the case I’m not sure I can tell what value in your code represents the post_id of each submission. Is it $form_id?

    If you have this attached to the form post type and $form_id represents the post ID then maybe something like the below.

    Keep in mind that this is only a quess, this is really an ninja forms question.

      $args = array(
        '6'   => $form_id,
        'fields'    => array(),
      $subs = Ninja_Forms()->subs()->get( $args );
      foreach ($subs as $sub) {
        $form_id = $sub->form_id;
        if (get_field('name_of_true_false_field', $form_id)) {
        // Returns an array of [field_id] => [user_value] pairs
          $all_fields = $sub->get_all_fields();
          // Echoes out the submitted value for a field
          echo '<li><div class="testimonial"><span class="testimonial-stars">'.
                  $sub->get_field(9).'</span> stars<br>'.$sub->get_field (10);
          echo '<div class="reviewer">-'.$sub->get_field( 7 ).
                  ', ' . $sub->get_field( 8 ) . '</div></div></li>';

    If that’s not right, please supply more information.