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  • Thanks for this detailed answer !

    Many questions and remarks :

    – First of all, WHY I have to do all this, just because I use taxonomy? Why don’t you better integrate taxonomy in ACF(Pro)?

    – You said

    You also mentioned trying to create a field group that was conditional based on a field in another field group, also not possible, either front or back end

    but it works for me on backend (not in front).

    acf/save_post : it’s ok but as my taxo was not hierarchical, it didn’t really work. So, I don’t think it’s necessary to keep term_id : $term->name in field choices.
    Strangely, you use wp_set_post_terms and it works whereas codex said “For a taxonomy on a custom post type use wp_set_object_terms()”

    acf/pre_save_post : it’s ok. I would like to allow update post but I don’t try to do this for now.

    – …and I still don’t understand why I have to specify ‘field_groups’ for acf_form. What’s the aim of location rules if it doesn’t work ?