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  • On my example, I specify field_groups because I have to in order to display it. If I don’t, I only have the submit button.

    The reason why the field groups will not appear without specifying them is that your field groups location rule is to display on the “Post” post type and you are displaying the form on a “Page”

    No ! My location rule is :
    Post type is equal to “document” —> OR <—
    Page is equal to “add document”

    And, of course, “Add document” is a page.

    Yes, you could have optional fields based on the taxonomy field

    What ?! Since when ? It doesn’t work for me !

    First field :
    “Type of document”,
    taxonomy : my own,
    appearance : radio buttons.

    Second field (only displayed if a specific taxo term is choosen) :
    required : no,
    taxonomy : my own 2,
    conditional logic : yes -> Show this field if [No toggle fields available].