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  • Hi @ruslancc

    ACF PRO 5.2.1 oiverrides the search columns to:
    array('user_login', 'display_name')

    ACF PRO 5.2.7 does not – it lets WP decide which columns to search. By default these columns should be the same, but it is possible that something is modifying them.

    I added in a filter to allow customization to the search columns, You can see if being used here:

    // filter for 3rd party customization
    		$columns = apply_filters("acf/fields/user/search_columns", 							$columns, $search, $WP_User_Query, $field);
    		$columns = apply_filters("acf/fields/user/search_columns/name={$field['_name']}",	$columns, $search, $WP_User_Query, $field);
    		$columns = apply_filters("acf/fields/user/search_columns/key={$field['key']}",		$columns, $search, $WP_User_Query, $field);

    So you can hook into the acf/fields/user/search_columns filter and modify the $columns to what you want.

    Please also debug the $columns and see what they are set to. Post back the result and I’ll see if I need to manually add back in the ‘display_name’.