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  • I think that once you modify the field group through the admin that will pretty much end the ability to sync the file or update it through the original json file.

    After that, for example, if you update the parent theme to include more fields then it will not automatically add those fields to the child theme setup.

    I was actually just looking at the import code in ACF, because it seems like that’s actually what you want to do, automatically import the field group. But importing is not really something that can be done through code, at least not by calling a single function. I was also thinking about updating the field group if if modifications were made to the theme and field group needed to be modified to reflect theme changes. Heh, that’s where my thinking spiraled out of control thinking about what would be needed to actually build the field group so that ACF would recognize it and then manually making changes to the posts used by ACf to make changes…

    Not sure if any of this rambling helps your project at all, but if you’re thinking about doing any of what I thought about, I think it would be a messy process, but not something that is altogether impossible for someone willing to dig around in the ACF code to figure out how.