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  • Hi Galen et. al

    Aint ACF a treat 🙂 Been using it myself since it’s very early days.

    While I do see the reason why you could use this kind of field I don’t think it’s broadly needed enough to be considered as a core field. It does however sound like a great add on! And since @playid has actually forked the original add on to work with ACF 5 I would recommend you to just go ahead with that!

    It’s hard to turn down field ideas for core but I think that ACF is better of with not too specialized fieldtypes for the broader masses. With the ease of creating new add ons (especially with ACF5) there’s no reason not to just create an add on of our own when needed. Just remember to name it properly and perhaps give a shout here on the forum and it might end up on the add ons page: