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  • Hi @jonathan

    Thank you for your replay!
    The way I described my situation was too bad to be understood, I think… (because of my bad command of English…)

    Anyway, I made it by (you might call) “custom Javascript hacking” + using ACF hook finally.

    The attachment is partly in Japanese. so please bear with it.
    As you see, my relationship field is shown as split 2 column. (I do not know how they call it.)

    First, I used ACF hook ‘acf/fields/relationship/result’ to insert some kind of flag for “cannotselect” item like below.

    add_action('acf/fields/relationship/result', 'add_extra_to_title' ,10 ,4);
    function add_extra_to_title( $title, $post, $field, $post_id ) {
    	//prepare Jap translation for post_status
    	$poststatus_jp = array(
    		'draft' => '下書き',
    		'private' => '非公開',
    		'pending' => 'レビュー待ち',
    		'future' => '予約投稿',
    	$post_status = get_post_status( $post->ID );
    	//add flag for "cannotselect" item
    	if( $post_status != "publish" )
    		$title .= '<span class="cannotselect"> *<span>';
    	//replace Eng to Jap.
    	if( $post_status != "publish" )
    		if(isset( $poststatus_jp[ $post_status ] ) ){
    			$post_status_jp = $poststatus_jp[ $post_status ];
    		$title = str_replace( "($post_status)" , "($post_status_jp)" ,  $title );
    	//if it's post, add category name to it's title.
    	$thisPost = get_post( $post->ID );
    	$thisPosttype = $thisPost->post_type;
    	$thisTerms = wp_get_post_terms( $post->ID, 'category' );
    	if( $thisPosttype == 'post' && !empty($thisTerms) )
    		$title .= "&nbsp;&nbsp;[" . $thisTerms[0]->name . "]";
    	return $title;

    Next, using setTimeout + jQuery, add “cannotselect” class to li element which include span.cannotselect.
    Plus, apply “pointer-events : none;” + pale pink background to li.cannotselect to be noticeable.

    javascript part

            function watchAcfRelItem()
    			if( $( ".acf-rel-item" ).length > 1 ){
    				$('.acf-rel-item span.cannotselect').each( function(){	
    			setTimeout( watchAcfRelItem, 1000 );

    css part

    	li.cannotselect .acf-rel-item {
    		background: pink;
    		pointer-events : none;
    		cursor: not-allowed;
    		opacity: 0.5;
    	li span.cannotselect{
    		display: none;

    As you see, it’s ungly… but seems working so far.

    If you have any better idea, please tell it to me.
    I will appreciate your kindness greatly!

    Thank you again for reading my bad English!