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  • “If you assigned the field groups to the “page” post type they would automatically be added”

    I have a CPT named “Document”. I have a ACF field group.
    On this group, I said :

    Show this field group if
    [Post type] [is equal to] [document]   -> it works
    [Page] [is equal to] [my_page]         -> it doesn't work

    “You have a field group that appears based on a selection in another field group?”

    Yes. As conditional logic doesn’t work with taxonomy (very unfortunately despite many requests), I created another field group and I said :

    Show this field group if
    [Post taxonomy] [is equal to] [specific_choice_I_want]

    “specific_choice_I_want” is a value of a taxonomy field in my first field group.
    It works in backend (creating a new post in my CPT). It doesn’t work in frontend, even if I add field_group id to options.