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  • Narrowing it down here…

    The problem is in the use of acf/save_post.

    Quick overview: I have a multi-step process setup for creating a tribute (custom post type). First form creates the post (a custom post type). Next forms are for adding additional meta data. To get users to step 2, I am using the acf/save_post action to redirect them (back to the editor) after the post is created. However, using this action is preventing the custom taxonomy (states) from saving. It saves the text fields just fine.

    function get_tribute_editor_url($trib_step=false,$trib_id=false) {
    	$url = site_url() . '/edit-tribute/';
    	if ($trib_step && $trib_id) {
    		$url .= "?trib_step=$trib_step&trib_id=$trib_id";	
    	return $url;
    function acf_post_save_tribute( $post_id ) {
    	// bail early if not a tribute
    	if( get_post_type($post_id) !== 'tribute' ) {
    	// get step
    	$trib_step = get_field('trib_step', $post_id);
    	// create/update the post title if this is a new post or if the user has edited step 1
    	if ( $trib_step <= 1 ) {
    		$args = array(
    			'ID' 		 => $post_id,
    			'post_title' => $_POST['acf']['field_558884854c6ce'] . ' ' . $_POST['acf']['field_558884974c6cf'],
    	// redirect	new tributes to step 2 and pass along the proper ID
    	if ($trib_step < 1) {
    		$redirect = get_tribute_editor_url(2,$post_id);
    add_action( 'acf/save_post', 'acf_post_save_tribute', 20);