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  • I’ll try to be more specific 🙂 I understand there are options, but let give one example of how I might want to do this. Again bear with me if this seems very basic.

    The slug for my CPT is “directory”.

    Say I wanted to have an dedicated individual directly related to the CPT. I don’t want an ‘archive’ page. I want a page that could potentially have all the other stuff, (sidebars etc.) as I presume, a template page, but the ‘content’ of the page would be the submission form. I would want to load the page from a menu item.

    As I look at the template hierarchy, I don’t want to name it archive-{slug} – right – because that is a different functionality and one that I would want to use the archive functionality for “that” purpose 🙂

    So I am confused as to where in the the template hierarchy the name I want to use fits?

    Thank you for your patience and help.