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  • Ohhh… I DID have this problem time ago. I hope I remember this the day those websites get ACF updated! This and/or setting up my own key names when programmatically declaring the field groups for several websites will give me a headache soon 🙁

    Thanks everyone for the long detailed posts 🙂

    This gives me an insight of the issues I’m having right now.

    This and “allow me to recycle the fields” kind of feature requests could be fixed by adding a new input field to the field creation process to select another field as the source of the ref _key. That would make to ignore all the settings for that field, so it would be faster to create them. Not optimal, but it will provide a field-reusage system 🙂

    I’ll take a look at the code to see if I can inject the new custom field everywhere without breaking anything and we might have a solution to mine and this kind of issues 🙂