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  • My tone is civil. The worst thing I said is “you are wrong”, which is my opinion, based in the answers you give me. Please don’t take it personal, as none of my words insinuated that.

    For the ammount of words… sorry, but I need them to be clear when i think I’m not being understood. Maybe your developers could consider not to dismiss a request with a rushed up answer? When an answer doesn’t add up, I bring it up.

    The repeater fields doesn’t work to make field layouts… Maybe I was confused because YOU DID call them “layouts”!

    The repeater field leaves a hole in table mode when the fields are conditionally hidden (of course, because there’s a table header needing to match)

    The word “layout” DOES REFER to the ARRANGEMENT of things, NOT to the types and data or the data itself. I don’t feel bad by thinking they were meant to work as layouts.

    Can you think any other way to prevent the browser to become unresponsive with 10 rows of 8 wysiwyg fields each? (I’m not even counting the conditionally hidden ones!)

    I do need the wysiwyg fields, to let the user to enter bullet points because of the nesting levels…

    Unless you add some kind of YAML field? where users can quickly enter data with leading dashes or tabs, to define lists, arrays…

    Later we, programmers, could convert each nesting level into title, content, even complex layouts, from plain text. Without the need for multiple wysiwyg fields, or field layouts.