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  • Hi @sergiozambrano

    Please keep a civil tone. As John says we are not developers of this plugin and are merely here to provide help and insight where needed.

    I’m sorry you where offended by my response. Know that you where not giving much information about your setup so instead of maybe giving you a satisfying amount of help I merely attempted to answer the simple question “Is it possible to change layout of an existing row?”.

    The main point of ACF is to act as a GUI for WordPress built in functionality of meta data. To provide ease of use for specific types of data like date-fields, repeated information (repeater and flexible field) etc. As well as to provide a simple API to interact with these values. However you can’t see ACF as a solution to everything.

    There are always going to be cases where it’d make more sense to create fields etc. yourself. Or even better, create your own add-on to ACF with your own functionality and extend on the excellent base ACF provides.