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  • I understand that you’re not happy that you thought you were going to be able to use the same fields and swap layouts, but a post blasting Jonathan and the developer is hardly going to help you. With the way that ACF built what you are looking for is very unlikely to happen.

    And Jonathan is not one of the developers of this plugin, nor am I. We’re just here to try an help people that need it and point them in the right direction.

    The problem here is that you did not understand how flexible content fields work and assumed that they could do something that they cannot do. I generally like to make sure I know what a plugin will do before I make plans based on assumptions.

    There are cases where flexible content fields are not the solution and repeater fields and conditional logic are a better choice. As in the case where the same basic fields will be used over and over again and you’re going to want to swap layouts and keep the same content.