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  • I want to add new ROWS to an EMPTY flexible content field, based (e.g. exploded w/JS) from ANOTHER acf field (or the wp editor).

    For future visitors: I already made my importer processing the fields with a function hooked to acf/save_post wordpress hook.

    It parses a whole powerpoint presentation into slides, including base64 images, something I recommend you to add to your plugin, like “image elevator” 🙂

    It seems that “update_field” is all I needed. I thought there would be some sort of “add row”… but since the whole thing is a acf field…

    The only problem I found is the last ticket I submitted. One sub-field doesn’t makes it to the DB but it doesn’t come out to the editor. Please take a look at it. I can send you my code, but really, I checked the field BEFORE update_field, and it was ok, as well as the data found in the DB. But no show.

    About image-elevator: One could just install it, and paste the images in a wysiwyg editor, but as it happened to me, my wordpress post ended up with two wysiwyg editors for each row, (apparently one many more than it was designed for) which made the browser twice as slow.

    And I had to modify their plugin to work from the back end, since currently theirs only works with ajax from the post editor. Anyway, allowing to “paste” an image I think it’d be a great addition 🙂