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  • Thanks for your reply Elliot.

    I understands how it works, but for my websites that use the free ACF version it really duplicated the field group, and the duplicated fields and their fieldkeys remained identical to the original.

    The problem that I have now is that I have to update each individual post after I have duplicated them. All my translated posts are duplicates of the original, and for the duplicated I have only translated the select fields labels in the field groups and the hard coded text in the PHP. So I don’t need them to save any new data. I want them to be connected – when I update the default language post, I want the duplicated posts to also be automatically updated and overwritten too.

    But now when the fieldkeys don’t match the original, I have to manually update the posts after duplication – otherwise the default language labels are shown, rather than my translated labels. And I have thousands of posts, so that is inconvenient.

    So in other words, is it possible to give ACF pro, the same duplication process of Fields groups like in the free version? Where the field group is an actual duplicate, and not a translation.