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  • I managed to perfectly translate the AFC fields just bij reading the documentation on string translation
    So no difficult integration between polylang and ACF.

    I just added pll_register_string to my functions.php.
    This adds the sting inside the function very nicely to the list of translatable words in the admin section of polylang to translate in all available languages.
    Then just add the pll__ en pll_e function with the respective sting in the code where ever you need a translated string.
    Works like a charm.


    function polylang_translate()
        pll_register_string('back', 'back','General');
    add_action( 'init', 'polylang_translate' );

    Translate the string ‘back’ in the backend of WP under the category General.

    pll_e( 'back' );

    For more info read the polylang doc.

    happy translating