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  • Hi @geoff-grav

    The main benefit for JSON is the ability to sync the JSON data to and from the database, and also the ability to simply drop a JSON file into your theme’s acf-json folder.

    Sharing field groups between projects is a good example of why this is easier than PHP.

    performance should be similar between PHP and JSON, if neither had field groups in the database.

    If you are experiencing slowdown issues in the admin, this will most likely be due to HTML and JS, not PHP.

    Check your page source. How many lines of HTML are in the ‘slow’ admin page?
    Next, disable JS. What is the time difference when JS in enabled/disabled?

    If the issue is JS, perhaps you have some complex conditional logic? This can slow down your page load if using large amounts of nested fields. The latest ACF PRO contains some JS performance improvements, but this is simply a limitation of our browsers at the current time.