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  • Hi @geoff-grav,

    It’s a good suggestion and I’m almost a little surprised it’s not already been done. Elliot probably hasn’t thought of it since both PHP and JSON solutions make it possible to version-control fields etc. One would have to figure out priority so that JSON is preferred to php based on a timestamp (just like DB vs JSON is).

    I’ll make sure Elliot sees this thread 🙂

    However I’m not sure why you can’t move to ACF5 anyway? If JSON storage is the only reason you still don’t have it in ACF4.x so moving to ACF5 would just mean better stuff for you and eventually (hopefully) a working php > JSON relationship. Upgrading is also completely non destructive so should something break you can just switch back to ACF4.x without loosing any data (But always do a backup anyway).