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  • Thanks for the suggestions Elliot.

    I do understand how c-logic works. After all, its the fact that it doest save hidden contents that makes it so useful on very busy pages as not only does it hide fields but also makes updates much faster because hidden fields dont save. But when considering repeaters/flexible fields and their great ability to re-arrange rows, the two are tricky to use together. Its not an easy thing to expect clients to un-hide all hidden fields before re-arranging rows as they will inevitably forget on occasion and ruin their content – which is exactly what happened to me. I only found the error because of my client. With this in mind, can you please consider a solution?

    I appreciate your idea regards collapse-able flexible layouts. In fact, my actual website is using flexible, not repeaters as in my example. But there are some problems with this method:-

    – when flexible layouts are collapsed, theres no way to name the remaining title-bar with anything but the layout name. So if I have 20 of the same layout, and they are all closed, its difficult finding the one that needs working on without opening them all as they all have the same label.
    – after updating a page, all the collapsed layouts are made open again. This can be frustrating if working on a single layout and having to close the others with every update.
    – I dont really want to hide *all* the contents of a layout. In my example, I set up a simple repeater for clarity, but the actual website has lots of fields inside each flexible layout and I need a few of them to remain visible. This lets me fiddle with some essential parameters without opening the whole layout. eg, It allows me to have a text field outside the c-logic that the client can use to name each repeater for easy reference.

    Only thing I can think to suggest is maybe setting a flag if any rows have been re-arranged or inserted. If this flag is set when the user updates a page, then save all fields on the page regardless of whether they are hidden by c-logic. Is this at all possible?

    Thanks very much for taking the time to discuss this with me Elliot. I appreciate it.