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  • I’m only guessing, but the reason this is not a feature is because different people would want to see different things, and the list of what could be shown is quite large: order, group key, location rules, what’s hidden on the screen, position, style. Each person may want different things depending on their own preferences and needs.

    Add this to functions.php and it will add the order value to the list.

      function acf_field_group_columns($columns) {
        $columns['menu_order'] = __('Order');
        return $columns;
      } // end function reference_columns
      add_filter('manage_edit-acf-field-group_columns', 'acf_field_group_columns', 20);
      function acf_field_group_columns_content($column, $post_id) {
        switch ($column) {
          case 'menu_order':
            global $post;
            echo '<strong>',$post->menu_order,'</strong>';
        } // end switch
      } // end function reference_columns_content
      add_action('manage_acf-field-group_posts_custom_column', 'acf_field_group_columns_content', 20, 2);