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  • Thanks for the follow-up posts. I’ve decided to use Custom Post Types primarily to organize the massive amount of content I have. I’ll eventually have over 50 restaurants, 20 hotels, 20 bars, etc, and having them all under “pages” was going to be a mess. I’m now looking into creating a few custom post types (for each primary subject the site covers), with some custom taxonomies for sorting what would be their sub-categories (think Lodging CPT, with a custom taxonomy of “type” with hotel, B&B, resort, etc).

    The only thing I’m a bit hung up on right now is the url structure I want. I know I want a main HUB for each topic, such as Dining, Lodging, Music, etc, and I want a sub-HUB for each of the “type” taxonmies (hotels, B&B, resorts, etc), but I can’t decide if the sub-HUB should be included in the URL, like so:


    The former has logical structure, breadcrumbs would work great, etc, where as the latter is a bit future-proof (if I change taxonomies, or restructure my data in any way). I can still have the sub-HUB pages to showcase all related content, but then have the actual content not include the taxonomy type in the url.

    Anyone have any advice on this?