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  • Thank-you. I’m not sure how I missed update_sub_field(...) but I did. After messing with this stuff I found a much easier solution using the get_field_object(...) and update_field(...)

    $repeater = 'tracks';
    // get the object w/info and value
    $rObj = get_field_object($repeater, $video_id);
    $rKey = $rObj['key'];
    $rValue = $rObj['value'];
    // adjust the value of any object/row directly
    $rValue[0]['srclang'] = 'pwnd';
    // add new object/row to the repeater field
    'label' => 'The label',
    'src' => 'The src',
    'srclang' => 'The srclang',
    'kind' => 'captions');
    // update the repeater