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  • as far as i know:
    because you replace standard genesis loop with your own loop, you need to add schema at your own again.

    & please when you post code:
    wrap code with code tags (at top over textfield where you write your forum-post-entry you have code mark your code and press that button, than it will be formatted like mine, much better for readability. do that before first submit.)

    (if) you have forgotten that:
    please edit your post, copy-paste code form original and replace existing not formatted code, mark new inserted code and click on code. save/submit forum post again

    edit: thanks for edit your previous post, looks much better now.
    better readable than your first post with code, for example.
    with one exception somehow it add wrong ‘single_quote’ and “double_quote” ‘<div class=” instead of '<div class="`