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  • Hi @angel-meraz

    I’ve just taken a look at both links, and have found some interesting results.

    Test 1: Content area – This form works perfectly.
    Test 2: Content area – This form does not work
    Test 2: ACF area – This form does not work

    It is possible that the issue is not with ACF, but more the fact that the form does not work at all on the second link. Perhaps try removing your ACF code from ‘Test 2’ and trying to submit the form within the ‘Content area’, does it work? If not, the issue is not related to ACF.

    The other thing to note is that you are using print_r to render the form within a ‘pre’ tag. This is good for testing data, but may cause a form to not work as expected. Please remove the ‘pre’ tags, remove the print_r and use the_field instead of get_field