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  • For example, I have a custom post type that displays a video. That video is also a custom post type with custom fields. In order to associate the video with the post, I have a field called ‘video’ that is a Post Object. That way, I can just pick the video in a list to display on that post.

    When I upgraded the plugin, the videos just stops showing up. When I revert the plugin, they work again. Actually, anything using a Post Object field – which there are quite a bit (Sliders, featured items…).

    With 5.1.8 this will return a Post Object:

    $post = get_post(60);
    echo $post->post_title;
    $fields = get_fields(60);
    $video_post_object = $fields['video'];
    $field = get_field('video', 60);
    print_r($video_post_object); // WP_Post Object ( [ID] => 926 ... )

    In 5.2.X the video field is blank/null/whatever.

    Field Name: video
    Field Type: Post Object
    Required: No
    Filter by Post Type: Video
    Filter by Taxonomy: –
    Allow Null? No
    Select Multiple? No
    Return Format: Post Object
    Conditional Logic: No

    Video is one example, but all Post Objects return null with get_field/get_fields.

    I should also note, the field groups are currently being setup in the admin section under the Custom Fields tab – so ACF is driving all of this.