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  • <div class="carousel fade-carousel slide" data-ride="carousel" data-interval="4000" id="bs-carousel">
      <!-- Overlay -->
      <div class="overlay"></div>
    <ol class="carousel-indicators">
    while( have_rows('slideshow_images') ): the_row();
    if ($i == 0) {
    echo '<li data-target="#bs-carousel" data-slide-to="0" class="active"></li>';
    } else {
    echo '<li data-target="#bs-carousel" data-slide-to="'.$i.'"></li>';
    endwhile; ?>
      <!-- Wrapper for slides -->
      <div class="carousel-inner">
     $z = 0;
     while( have_rows('slideshow_images') ): the_row();
       $image = wp_get_attachment_image_src(get_sub_field('image'), 'full'); ?>
        <div class="item slides <?php if ($z==0) { echo 'active';} ?>">
        <div style="background: url(<?php the_sub_field('image'); ?>);max-height:500px;height: 100%; background-size: cover; background-position: center center; background-repeat: no-repeat;"></div>
          <div class="hero" style="width:96%;">
                <h1><?php the_sub_field('title');?></h1>        
                <h3><?php the_sub_field('sub_title');?></h3>
            <a href="<?php the_sub_field('image_links_to'); ?>"<button class="btn btn-hero btn-lg" role="button"><?php the_sub_field('links_to_text'); ?></button></a>
    endwhile; ?>    

    try if this works.

    PS: i cant see private post from 28feb, and please edit first post (look that every tag is closed “forum tags”, not inside php code, specially li and ul/ol to get rid of layout-prob inside this thread)