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  • ok. i know the problem. could you try if this works for you

    <!-- model specifications -->
    									<?php if( have_rows('model_specifications') ):
    									$firstrow = "1";
    										while( have_rows('model_specifications') ): the_row();
     											$ms_model = get_sub_field('model');
     											$ms_gpm = get_sub_field('gpm');
     											$ms_input = get_sub_field('input');
     											$ms_psi = get_sub_field('psi');
     											$ms_drive = get_sub_field('drive');
     											$ms_rpm = get_sub_field('rpm');
     											$ms_drive_rpm = get_sub_field('drive_rpm');
     											$ms_hp = get_sub_field('hp');
     											$ms_volt = get_sub_field('volt');
     											$ms_hp_volt = get_sub_field('hp_volt');
     											$ms_power = get_sub_field('power');
     											$ms_engine = get_sub_field('engine');
     											$ms_burner = get_sub_field('burner');
     											$ms_electric_start = get_sub_field('electric_start');
     											$ms_size = get_sub_field('size');
     										if($firstrow == "1") :
     											echo '<div id="model-specifications">';
    											echo '<table class="rwd-table">';
    											echo '<thead>';
    											echo '<tr>';
     											if ($ms_model) {echo '<th>Model</th>';}
     											if ($ms_gpm) {echo '<th>GPM</th>';}  
     											if ($ms_input) {echo '<th>Input</th>';}  
     											if ($ms_psi) {echo '<th>PSI</th>';} 
     											if ($ms_drive) {echo '<th>Drive</th>';} 
     											if ($ms_rpm) {echo '<th>RPM</th>';}
     											if ($ms_drive_rpm) {echo '<th>Drive RPM</th>';} 
     											if ($ms_hp) {echo '<th>HP</th>';} 
     											if ($ms_volt) {echo '<th>Volt</th>';}
     											if ($ms_hp_volt) {echo '<th>HP / Volt</th>';}
     											if ($ms_power) {echo '<th>Power</th>';}
     											if ($ms_engine) {echo '<th>Engine</th>';} 
     											if ($ms_burner) {echo '<th>Burner</th>';} 
     											if ($ms_electric_start) {echo '<th>Electric Start</th>';}
     											if ($ms_size) {echo '<th>Size</th>';}
     											echo '<th>Quote</th>';
     											echo '</tr>';
     											echo '</thead>';
     											echo '<tbody>';
     											echo '<tr>';
     											if ($ms_model) {echo '<td data-th="Model">'.$ms_model.'</td>';}
     											if ($ms_gpm) {echo '<td data-th="GPM">'.$ms_gpm.'</td>';}  
     											if ($ms_input) {echo '<td data-th="Input">'.$ms_input.'</td>';}  
     											if ($ms_psi) {echo '<td data-th="PSI">'.$ms_psi.'</td>';} 
     											if ($ms_drive) {echo '<td data-th="Drive">'.$ms_drive.'</td>';} 
     											if ($ms_rpm) {echo '<td data-th="RPM">'.$ms_rpm.'</td>';} 
     											if ($ms_drive_rpm) {echo '<td data-th="Drive RPM">'.$ms_drive_rpm.'</td>';}
     											if ($ms_hp) {echo '<td data-th="HP">'.$ms_hp.'</td>';} 
     											if ($ms_volt) {echo '<td data-th="Volt">'.$ms_volt.'</td>';} 
     											if ($ms_hp_volt) {echo '<td data-th="HP / Volt">'.$ms_hp_volt.'</td>';}
     											if ($ms_power) {echo '<td data-th="Power">'.$ms_power.'</td>';}
     											if ($ms_engine) {echo '<td data-th="Engine">'.$ms_engine.'</td>';} 
     											if ($ms_burner) {echo '<td data-th="Burner">'.$ms_burner.'</td>';} 
     											if ($ms_electric_start) {echo '<td data-th="Electric Start">'.$ms_electric_start.'</td>';}
     											if ($ms_size) {echo '<td data-th="Size">'.$ms_size.'</td>';}
    											echo '<td data-th="Quote"><a href="/request-a-quote/?">Request a Quote</a></td>';
    											echo '</tr>';
    											echo '</tbody>';
     											echo '</table>';
     											echo '</div>';
    									<?php endif; ?>									
        								<!-- end model specifications -->