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  • Hi Hube2 – Thanks again for answering my post.

    Unfortunately the issue is that I need the user to be able to edit their submitted post before any admin has the chance to come in click Save Draft, etc. So with that in mind, I have to be able to get the checkbox data out of ACF and back into GF so the user can edit checkboxes.

    Now I can do this just fine if I hard code the field names into the php, but what I would like to do is use the get_field_objects() to test if an object is a checkbox, and if it is, get the name of the field so it can be mapped to the corresponding GF field and then update the data so the user can edit.

    I do understand your explanation above, so, is there a way to trigger the Save Draft (I ask because I’ve not found the right hook yet) so that I can trigger that in the final GF hook. Basically, click Save Draft via php. This might not be possible since the Save Draft is a form that updates the post and post_meta, but hopefully there is a way.

    Otherwise, yes, I could use get_post_meta() but then I’m counting on those meta field names to tell me what type of field the meta_field is. But maybe I just need to make another meta_field that maps everything out. Which gets back to my suggestion for a plugin to make these mappings. Seems like a fun project, but not in line with what I’m working on now. Guess I’ll just hardcode the field names in for the time being.