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  • As it turns out my host needed me to add the IP to my /etc/hosts file and point to my domain, as I was using the test url given to me when I setup the account.

    So on my shared hosting I had a test url of which works fine, but a recent update to mod_security causes issues if you use this URL and post an iframe into a custom text field. It triggers a 403 error and some sort of CORS issue arrises.

    I’m really clueless with sysadmin so a quick call to my host was able to sort this out for me.

    Moral of the story if setting up a testing url with a shared host, add that IP to your local /etc/hosts file to get rid of any headaches and that will make the site behave as expected, for example if you setup a new account for and get given a temporary url of edit your /etc/hosts file to have

    I hope this helps someone else who isn’t great with sysadmin like me.