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  • OK this is just a thought as I am only just starting to tackle this myself but it seems that if you just add a bit of javascript to prevent the submit button, you can get all the form fields into an object yourself and then post that through ajax the same way you would any other form.

    A brief theoretical code example:

        var form_data = {"action" : "acf/validate_save_post"};
        jQuery("form#post :input").each(function(){
          form_data[jQuery(this).attr("name")] = jQuery(this).val()
        }), form_data) // you will need to get the ajax url for you site
           //you get back something like {"result":1,"message":"Validation successful","errors":0}

    That would validate the form. After that, you need to submit it. To do that, add actions somewhere in your functions.php to point ajax requests to the acf head function:

    add_action( 'wp_ajax_save_my_data', 'acf_form_head' );
    add_action( 'wp_ajax_nopriv_save_my_data', 'acf_form_head' );

    That will point ajax requests to the acf form head function.

    then you can call that using the same js

    form_data.action = "save_my_data";
  , form_data)

    This can go in the return function of the validation ajax call, with an if statement to check the validation came back ok.

    Only problem I have found so far is it returns a url it wants to go to which throws a js error. Working on that now…