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  • Hi ractoon!
    Thanks for responding to my issue. Thanks – I actually tried it that way as well, but it doesn’t yield any results, even though I have the product selected within the relationship block on the admin post page. And to confirm, yes, I’m using post object and the Relationship field type.

    I had a developer friend take a look and although he’s not able to help out with this at the moment, he thinks this is what needs to happen: It has to find the posts of the custom field, then find the id’s from those posts by querying the db. Then, it has to return an array of those fields to the single product template, and based on that array of Id’s, set up a WP Query for those posts.

    So this seems more complicated than I originally anticipated it being. If you have any further thoughts beyond this, I’m all ears. Thanks again for your willingness to respond to my issue! Much appreciated.