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  • Thanks for this JoepR! I tried the same approach but didn’t know the right ACF filter.

    I agree with the concerns here. I also have an issue with the new ACF version that Options now have to be translated or else return null. It breaks websites.
    Yes you can add in translated options, but most of the time translation is the same and there’s no way to duplicate. I have sites with many many options, it takes a lot of time to reinsert everything, and the customers don’t understand the logic at all.

    I tried setting the CMS to ‘All Languages’ in the admin bar, inserted all options, but sadly this doesn’t work either.

    The filter workaround works, but it’s ugly. This should have been be though through better before making such a release.

    I’ve been trying to get an answer from support for over a month but the last reply was the I should contact WPML…