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  • I agree there has to be a setting for this. I think it should check if that field is actually translated in the options group settings. If so, the way it works now is good. If not, it should always fall back to the original language.

    Quick fix for people that need it working now:
    Add this just before your get_field() function, where ‘en’ is your default language. Call the filter again with the current language to reset it again, so it wont affect pages and stuff.

    // add this
    add_filter('acf/settings/current_language',function() {
         global $sitepress;
         return $sitepress->get_default_language();
    // this is already in your code
    $my_field =  get_field('my_field', 'option');
    // reset to original language
    add_filter('acf/settings/current_language',function() {
         return ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE;