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  • Damn, I should have taken a closer look at how ACF handles conditionals. I had the impression it loaded just what was needed, not everything. But it seems that with conditionals all the fields are still there, just hidden.

    This of course means that some calls are made for fields I don’t use. And some scripts runs brutally slow.

    I chose conditionals, because it made the interface behave as I wanted it to. But what I should have done where to create new layouts for each content type, since those load as needed rather than always.

    As soon as I moved the relationship field to its own layout, the AJAX-calls stopped. I then found the next bottleneck, which where the wysiwygs. I have a 40 second latency between loading tinymce and rendering/continuing.

    It seems the code for handling conditionally hidden elements is less than complete. Really, stuff should be truly inactive when they are conditionally hidden. It’s bad enough that they get posted, they should not be scripted as well.

    But, to be fair, it makes a kind of sense – if you see conditionals not as a way of choosing what kind of content to add, but as a way to make variations in the kind you have already chosen.

    Could I ask, as a minimum, that this is reflected in the documentation? It would prevent the kind of gotchas I’m experiencing now. I’m among those that tend to RTFM before I start, so it would have been a great help avoiding this situation.