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  • I’m having the same issue, still (using ACF v4.3.9 with Repeater v1.1.1).

    I’ve trimmed back my repeaters and conditionals as far as I can, and currently have;

    Main Repeater
    > Select
    > Text
    > True/False
    > Repeater (with conditionals based on above Select)

    Seems fine for the first couple of rows added to “Main Repeater”.. but by the time you get to adding 5 or 6, it can take up to 20 seconds (locking the browser in the meantime).

    It’s basically a form generation fieldset.. with the Select being the type (ie. text, textarea, select, etc) and the nested repeater being the options (name, value, label, etc).

    I’ve tried using the same nested fields in the repeater (with lots of conditionals as to whether they show) and also having individual options (to minimise the conditional statements) such as textarea_name, text_name, select_name, textarea_label, text_label, etc.

    Neither way appears to offer a quicker solution. Is there any news on a quicker AJAX method? It’s killing me that I may have to go the “plugin” route (ie. Forms 6, Gravity, etc).