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  • Hi @antk3,

    Thanks, so when I made this the block layout wasn’t around.

    So the site that I built this for, there were a large number of different types of blocks, but only a few that actually appeared on every type of row. There is one in particular that was repeated often which I called a “Media Block”. This is used in multiple rows and multiple sizes per row, so I created a standard ‘media block’ and duplicated using a naming convention based on the row it was in:

    • half_width_blocks__half__media
    • half_width_blocks__quarter__media
    • two_thirds_one_third_blocks__two_thirds__media
    • two_thirds_one_third_blocks__one_third__media

    I’ve attached the JSON for this.

    In the template files there was no flexible content logic, I kept all that to a set of MVC style classes. So a controller that handles all of the flexible content selection, then a set of dumb views for actually outputting HTML from the controller.

    Hope that helps.