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  • Thanks @scheurta and @EbbandFlow!!…Im trying to use the code you provided and it seems im getting close…however, im still struggling abit on getting it to all work properly…

    – I followed your code instructions and tested it for a ‘Single Field’ – but for some reason the lightbox doesnt seem to work properly…I managed to get the Thumbnail to show, however, the lightbox does not popup & link to the video…it also seems to be showing me results with the embedded video next to the thumbnail on the page…

    I then tested the Repeater, and im just getting a broken image…

    Unfortunately, my coding & debugging skills arent that chance can you assist me alil further to hopefully get this working…

    This is the Field name im using for the Repeater: video
    This is the Sub Field im using for the oEmbed: video_url

    indeed your code is very comprehensive…ideally, if i can simplify it just for YouTube then that would be helpful…however, whatever we can do to make this work, would be great.

    – I noticed yours is a simplified version, however, im still abit lost on how to put it together… :-/

    Any reply would be greatly appreciated.