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  • A little late to the party, but thought I’d just add that I was able to import my custom post types/taxonomies from one site into another with the use of WP CSV to export, then Ultimate CSV Importer to import.

    What I did was on the new site, create one sample post that had all my ACF fields filled in, then export it to CSV with WP CSV plugin and use that as a template to format my big export from the other site.

    I’ve simply copied all the relevant data into the sample CSV I made under correct headers. The ‘duplicate’ _sample field that only shows up in the database was populated with the correct acf key value for each field as visible in the one sample post row – it basically means the whole column under a particular _sample field has the same acf key value (the one originally assigned when first creating the custom field on your new website).

    All posts show up with correct fields and taxonomies in the WP back-end and a quick glance at my database, shows all post meta with double entries – field and _field with assigned key.

    I did not import any images or gallery fields. All my ACF fields are either text or numerical (regular and select). Can’t really comment on image handling as I did not have a need for it. Figured moving websites is a great time to review the few thousand media files; optimize and organize them properly before re-uploading, so that’s a manual jobby for me:p

    In my case setting ACF the way I wanted on the target website and using the sample export file to configure my import CSV did the job just fine 🙂

    Running Ultimate CSV Import plugin and mapping the fields was a matter of 30 seconds, as the only choices available in the dropdowns where those relevant to the existing fields, and for _field I simply choose Create Custom Field at the bottom of the list for each, and it auto generated the correct name.

    I’m not brilliant at explaining things but hope that helps someone 🙂