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  • Hey guys, this looks like the data I’m after, but I don’t get too deep into programming. If one of you could clarify, I’d really appreciate it. Here’s my situation:

    I have a repeater field called favorite_cars. In this field, I have a post object field called select_car. This is linking to a custom post type I have with it’s own set of ACF fields. I want to access those. I can with a normal post object chunk of code, but don’t know how to do it within a repeater field.

    So again, to summarize:

    Repeater: favorite_cars
    Post Object Field: select_car
    Custom Post Type used in Post Object filter: carsandtrucks
    ACF field in the carandtrucks CPT: main_image

    So I’m trying to pull say the picture of a Corvette (main_image) that’s in the carsandtrucks CPT from a select post object field named select_car in the repeater field called favorite_cars.

    Hope that makes sense. Thank you!