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  • I’m not the developer and can’t speak for him, not sure what will happen. I just see several problems with altering the way options values are stored.

    The biggest problem for me would be backward compatibility. What happens with all the sites that are using the current method if you change all the options names. And this is not just for ACF. I build plugins that use ACF and it becomes necessary for me to use the standard WP get_option() function to get the values. I know what the “option_name” will be because I’ve spent a lot of time digging into the database to figure it out. I also build custom themes so that they will keep running even if someone deactivates ACF. ACF is needed for adding data, but not for retrieving it. By using get_option() and get_metadata() instead of get_field(), I ensure the theme keeps going no matter what. Changing the option_name value, from my point of view, would mean long hours of updating code to use the new storage names. It would also make it extremely difficult for anyone to know what’s going on when they look at the names in the database if hash values were used.

    This is why I built my options page adder and field group duplicator plugin I mentioned above… but failed to include a link for it (