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  • I have tried WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro from Smack Coders. It didn’t work for me and I cot tired of back and forthing with their support. My problem was that the site in question used “product” as a post type and “product-type” as a taxonomy. Their plugin assumed the presence of these things meant I was using WooCommerce, even when I did not check the WooCommerce box and checked the ACF box.

    I also tried it on other sites that use ACF. ACF support in this plugin is poor and spotty. The other problem I have with it is the fact that the code is obfuscated with IonCube and they always use the latest version, it is difficult to use if your host is not on the latest version or they change versions because it seems that IonCube is almost never backward compatible.

    Overall, my experience with the plugin was poor and my experience with their support was poor. I personally will never attempt to use it again.

    Everything I build in WP is done with ACF and I doubt that we’ll have a csv importer to work with ACF until someone takes the time to build one that focuses on how ACF stores data.