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  • So this definitely isn’t working as intended.

    Uncomment the debugger for the change method (line 2267).

    If you want to see the debug tool in action, click around on the map and watch the console.

    Now follow these steps:

    1. Choose a very generic location. A large city works well.
    2. Update the post and reload.
    3. Click on the address. Since you used a generic city with lots of locations, a drop down should appear with other choices. If the drop down doesn’t appear, try pressing on the down arrow key.
    4. If you’re watching your console, you will notice there isn’t a change triggered by the debug tool, even though you chose a different location.

    If you type a location it works as well as clicking the map. Why doesn’t it work for switching a location without typing?

    I know this is probably an extreme fringe case, but I feel like the answer is so simple but I can’t figure it out!