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  • Hey all, our team recently did an import/export of fields. We took fields from v 3.5 to v 4.3.9. All fields came over with data intact except for the image fields. Posts are missing corresponding images, aka, the image fields are blank in the editor. We took all the above advice and combed our database for reference keys, everything matched. The fields we migrated were done purely with export/import, and not added manually. We did have an issue migrating the Uploads folder from the previous site, and had to add the images into the media library using this plugin: Add from Server. Would this mess up the corresponding image IDs? Also, the image field isn’t necessarily blank, there’s a small grey rectangle in place of where the image thumbnail should be, when clicked to edit, we get an edit screen that’s broken, we’re unable to type in it and it’s missing the image thumb. Any thoughts? Thank you.