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  • I have the same problem. I had everthing set up so the things that don’t need translation would get the value from the original language, now I have to translate everything. The way I set it up was to have options pages (via the “acf_add_options_page” function) in the other languages and i appended the languagecode to the fields that needed to be translated and used ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE to get the correct field for the language. I believe the way it is set up now you don’t have to use the ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE anymore, however now I have to translate everything… I don’t think that that was the intention of who suggested the code.

    I use $field = get_field(‘your field’, option); and it translates the fields, but I don’t want to have to translate things that can be the same in other languages (like telephonenumbers).
    Please can someone enlighten us?