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  • I’m seeing a similar problem now with a User field in WP 4.0 and ACF Pro 5.0.9. (The same issue was happening in ACF Pro 5.0.4 as well before I upgraded.)

    I have the User field set to “All User Roles” in the “Filter by roles” menu. When I try and select a user, I get “No matches found” in the menu.

    I have debug mode on, and I see no errors in the console.

    It sounds like the issue could have been a conflict in JS which was fixed when re-loading the page.

    Reloading the page doesn’t help, but what does work is editing the User field and changing the “Filter by Role” field to have any role selected instead of “All User Roles”.

    If I then update the fields, edit the field again and delete the role I selected so that it’s back to “All User Roles”, and update one more time, I can then go back to my page and select a user from the menu just fine.