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  • Did some tests and found out it was get_fields(); function causing this amount of queries. This is a bit confusing behavior. Reading documentation, I expected this function to do smth like SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta WHERE post_id = $ID. One query, run only once and cache results. The post_id column is index so it would be fast even with millions of rows. Just tested it – takes 0.0005s to complete, returns ALL custom fields associated with post, each ACf field twice – with and without underscore. Instead, it looks like this function gets all keys and runs a separate query for every key to get its value.

    In documentation there’s a recommendation to use this function if:

    …if you have a large amount of fields which you would prefer not to code independently.

    If this function produces hundreds of queries, using it with large amount of fields will be a suicide.

    Am I still getting this wrong?