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  • You do realize this support is completely free right? Also, I do agree with Elliot. It is rather difficult to troubleshoot frontend forms. I myself am having trouble with getting the form to go through if “http://” is in any of the fields, the form will reset (this is in ACF Pro though). They are currently working with me to solve this problem, and I really appreciate the way they handled themselves so far.

    In my opinion, this forum should be used as a last resort instead of a forum that babysits and spoonfeeds a user all the way through. There is proper documentation on how to get a form set up on this site already, and I don’t think Elliot is obligated to spoon feed the simple task of searching as well.

    This only requires basic knowledge of PHP and WordPress to get it working, but teaching that to a new user can be cumbersome. Elliot’s job is to help users fix bugs they might encounter, not teach users how to code.

    Before you go off on someone because they make a somewhat “aggressive” remark in your eyes, think about the situation first.

    As for the issue you guys might be having, are you guys on WordPress 4.0 by any chance? I noticed that in ACF Pro, the gallery and image fields wouldn’t show up if I was running WordPress 4.0. I simply downgraded and everything seemed to be working again, except the issue I have now with URLs.