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  • I am sure, it’s my poor english. But this was not the answer, I was searching. I read and read through the doc before starting this thread, but an answer of the question where I insert the code snippets is not in the docs.

    One answer I found there (and a lot more on youtube videos):

    In short, the best way: Build a child theme (that’s always the ideal way). Add a new individual template file. For a faq page e.g. you could build and add a page-faq.php, see also If you have fields that should be displayed on every page you can also use the page.php. Insert the code snippets.

    The localization in the acf fields editing is NOT the localization, where the fields are displayed (in Frontpage), but rather where the (input) fields are shown in admin backend.

    The second way to display ACF in Frontent is using a shortcode, this is documented in ACF docs.