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  • Greetings, @Elliot Condon

    I’m a web designer / developer with a passion for wordpress and PHP. I’m learning new things every day and I’m lucky enough to have a job that allows me to learn as I go.

    So, I work with PHP daily but definitely wouldn’t consider myself a Guru. I love wordpress, so most of the PHP that I write is geared for it.

    All of that to say: I am having the same issue. I have read all the tutorials available on the site and have fiddled with my form, stripping it down to nothing but the bare minimum for creating a post, and am perplexed that anyone ever got this working.

    I simply get no response from the site when I click submit.

    There are no Javascript errors, nor any warnings even.

    If I leave required fields empty, the form will update to tell me that I need to fill them out, but once I do, nothing happens.

    I’m not necessarily looking for a response here, or an answer. Though, if you have one I’ll certainly listen. Mainly I am posting to say that your response to

    was shockingly rude.

    Saying “I don’t mean to be rude” does not automatically negate the fact that you’re being rude. In fact, if you have to preface anything you say with that sentence, chances are you are about to say something rude and may as well reword.

    He’s probably just an average guy working on a small project and having fun learning and exploring a new part of life, why get all pissy and suggest he hire a developer? I agree it was sort of a beginner question, but so what? If you didn’t feel like answering it, point him in the direction of some documentation that explains function variables, it’s better than coming off as a complete asshole.

    The plugin is great, I use it all the time, literally with every site I develop, it’s an invaluable addition to my arsenal of development tools. And I love it not just because it’s amazing and powerful, but because it promotes sharing good code and helping the development community as a whole become better, thus making for a more awesome web experience for everyone.

    But when I come here investigating an issue I’m having setting up a front-end form for the first time and see “gurus” treating new users like shit, it shatters that entire image.

    Get your shit together.